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   Want to know about repair cost? Well they all very from $10.00 - $65.00 depending on the radio and problem. Most average repairs run between $25.00 - $35.00.

Mosfet Conversions

   A mosfet conversion consist of changing stock bipolar transistors to the new mosfet transistors which are found in the current model 10 meter units. There are a few more components that are changed out depending on the radio it is being performed on. Prices below include parts.
Cobra 25 and 29

Uniden PC66, 68, 76, and 78 30-35 watts


Noise Blanker upgrade

     Have you ever just could hear someone but the noise level was covering them up. With this upgrade it hushes back some of that noise, making it better and easier to understand what the person is saying. We are simply putting a more sensitive amp in the radio. This mod is available for many radios. However after this mod you will start using that RF gain knob TO TURN IT DOWN TO KEEP FROM BUSTING A EAR DRUM....  $20.00

Echo Board


Has Big Radio Sound, Capable of REFLEX &




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